How To Dress In The Style Of Hippies

The hippie style is becoming popular with the passage of time. Youngsters are more likely to adopt hippie style as it enhances one’s personality and is comfortable as well. Whether you are going to a birthday party or costume party, wearing a dress like a hippie will be a good option. However, if you do not know “how to dress like a hippie” then not to worry!

At the moment, we are going to explain you the simple steps as follows:

Choose clothes wisely

You can visit numerous online and offline hippie stores to check out the latest variety of the hippie outfits. Also, you can make your own clothes if you are proficient in sewing. However, these options are time-consuming. In case, you do not have much time then there is nothing to worry about. We recommend you the following two brands that provide coolest hippie outfits:

Select comfortable, loose & natural tops

You can wear a simple T-shirt that is quite loose and comfortable. Nevertheless, you need to get accessories that match up with it. You can also go for the tie-dyed tops as they will also be a good hippie style option. Also, you can use the dashikis to add more shade and tribal patterns to your drab clothing. The teenage girls can go for long-sleeved peasant blouses as they will make them fashionable but not fussy.

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Wear a Vest

You have to wear a vest which is an excellent beautifying option. In the 1960s, the vest was quite common among men and women. Vests have always been a great part of “Hippie” style. There is a wide range of vest which you can try out. These are mentioned below:

  • Colorful V/S monochrome
  • Beaded
  • Long V/S short
  • Loose V/S tight
  • Floral
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Be Choosy About Jacket

You need to be quite choosy about your jacket. The vintage denim jackets are quite a good classic hippie option. Still, you have many other options. In case you want to spice your dressing a bit then you should go for a jacket that has patterned cuts, beads or embroidery. You can choose jackets of various fabrics like sheepskin, leather or fur. There are some girls who like to wear army jackets. If you are one of those then you can also go with it to have a hippie look. Keep in mind that you must not go for hoodies as they are not a hippie option. It is better to consider old jackets instead of new.

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Go for either Denim bell bottoms or Denim shorts

If you want to cover up your legs completely then you should go for faded, patched and torn jeans that have bell bottoms. The Denim bell bottoms were worn by both men and women in 1960s as they were a nail of hippie culture. In case, you do not want to cover your legs completely then you need to go for Denim Shorts. You can rehab your old jeans by tearing or ripping them. Now just turn your jeans and wear it to complete your hippie look with the Denim Shorts.


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